Petition Signers

1. Beverly Faro North Chili, NY
2. Rhian Tomassetti Narberth, PA
3. Stephanie
Washington, DC
4. Greg Veltman Grand Rapids, MI
5. Josh Cradic Wynnewood, PA, PA
6. Hannah Strauss Wenham, MA
7. Sandra
Wynnewood, PA
8. Kristopher Tukker Aurora, IL
9. Napp Nazworth Marietta, OH Let us make sacrifices for our children's future, rather than
passing our debt burden onto them.
10. Matthew
Pasadena, CA, CA Read, Think, Live, Breathe Matthew 25.
11. Debra Voorhorst Dorr, MI
12. Heidi Unruh Hutchinson, KS
13. Chris Horst Denver, CO Really appreciate how this is positioned.
14. Charity Haubrich Washington, DC
15. Carol Van
Pella, IA I agree with this well-formulated principial statement. I
realize working out the details will be tough work. I am
willing to sacrifice. Please join me in that willingness as
you work in congress. I don't want empty rhetoric and
partisan posturing. I want intergenerational fiscal
responsibility and justice.
16. Brooke Cradic Wayne, PA
17. robert giaquinto port st lucie, FL
18. Marjorie Gray Greenbelt MD, MD Military spending must also be reduced drastically.
19. Nicole Myers Delaware, OH
20. Karen Stein N Sioux City, SD It is so important to have a thoughtful, moderate,
Christ-spirited voice for political action.
21. Gabriel Salguero Newark, NJ
22. Valerie Buchanan Lynn, MA
23. Amy Maczuzak Pittsburgh, PA
24. Lisa Ho Delaware, OH The Chaplain's office at Ohio Wesleyan University stands
behind this pledge and we will make it our priority to
challenge our future leaders to be more fiscally responsible
and just than their predecessors.
25. Jeffrey Sajdak Pella, IA
26. Deborah
West Chester, PA
27. Nancy Mering Essex, MA My husban and I are enthusiastic signers of this Call for
Intergenerational Justice.
28. Wendy Smith St Davids, PA
Name From Comments
29. David Mering Essex, MA
30. David Neff Carol Stream, IL
31. Gail Gunst
Grand Rapids,, MI
32. Donald King Rock Rapids, IA In the name of Justice for all
33. Terrence
Endicott, NY
34. William
Detroit, MI
35. Wayne
Modesto, CA Speaking for the English, Hmong, Cambodian, Laotian and
Hispanic congregations who meet at our facility - on the
"wrong side" of the tracks - I urge you to move toward
fiscal soundness. Our neighborhood has been devasted by
the predatory foreclosure scandle. You are the only one
left with the power to bring corporate America back into
36. Sally Bennett Avondale, PA
37. Eldin Villafane Boston, MA, MA
38. brant hinrichs Springfield, MI Micah 6:8
He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
And what does the LORD require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly[a] with your God.
39. Joel Daniel Harris Canton, OH
40. Daniel Hutt Palo Alto, CA Thank you for calling us to intergenerational justice. It
reminds me of the closing promise of the Old Testament in
Malachi 4, "See, I will send the prophet Elijah to you before
that great and dreadful day of the Lord comes. He will turn
the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of
the children to their parents; or else I will come and strike
the land with total destruction."
41. Jennifer Sanders Gambier, OH
42. Linda Ackerman Seattle, WA
43. Sonya Jongsma
Sioux Center, IA
44. Carol Kramer Sioux Center, IA Thanks to the leaders who wrote this very important
45. John Van Dyk Marion, IL, IL Injustice and poverty lie at the root of most of the world's
ills. Failure to address these evils in responsible ways
merely compounds misery and suffering.
46. Barbara Buckham Bremerton, WA
47. Harold Bratt Ft. Myers, FL, FL
48. Wayne Larson Des Moines, IA
Page 6 - Signatures 29 - 48
Name From Comments
49. Howard
Los Angeles, CA
50. Zola Paget Colorado Springs, CO This isn't an issue of which party is responsible, but who is
willing to do the right thing!
51. Anna-Noel
Lexington, KY
52. Steven Garber Falls Church, VA, VA
53. Christen Yates Lynn, MA
54. Ann Johnson Mt Hermon, CA
55. Lisa Slayton Wexford, PA
56. Jonathan Hughes Cherry Hill, NJ
57. Nathan Clarke Madison, WI
58. Jeffrey Harley Sicklerville, NJ
59. John Beukema Chambersburg, PA
60. Erica Abner Clearfield, UT
61. Al Vos Endwell, NY
62. Willie Krischke Durango, CO, CO
63. Zane Sanders Gambier, OH
64. Rebecca Karnes Hudsonville, MI Please consider the responsibility to act justly and to
protect our most vulnerable citizens.
65. Dana Chartier St Louis Park, MN
66. Byron Borger Dallastown PA, PA
67. Jerry Van Vliet Mount Vernon, WA
68. Lynette Nice Centennial, CO Please take careful and thoughtful consideration of this
petition. My husband and I are doing our best right now to
eliminate all of our debt and to teach our children a
different mentality about money and material things than
what we were taught. We need our country's leaders to not
only support us in our efforts to be more financially wise,
but to also make financial choices on behalf of the country
that demonstrate their care for our children's and
grandchildren's futures. Please do not make haste
decisions. Please take care to not make cuts that will affect
education, oppress those already poor, and cause the
struggling middle class to become poor.
69. Calvin and Sally
Sioux Center, IA
70. Scott Calgaro Pittsburgh, PA
71. Angela Strauss Pasadena, CA Short-sightedness tends to cost more than anyone
imagines. Not facing the long-term economic disaster that
will result if the weak and poor inside the country are
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Page 7 - Signatures 49 - 71
Name From Comments
71. Angela Strauss Pasadena, CA (continued from previous page)
trodden even more underfoot could cost more than what
the calculations currently show.
72. Uko Zylstra Grand Rapids, MI, MI I strongy support the statement, however, I would have
likde to see more emphasis on the need to support greater
environmental sustainability. Our civilization cannot
continue to overdraw on the natural resources that sustain
us. We cannot and should not cut programs that aim for
greater environemtnal sustainability. The poor will also
suffer, if we do not actively promote greater sustainability.
73. Robert Robinson Canton, OH It is shameful when our elected officials do not work across
party lines to deal with such an important issue. Please
stop the partisan bickering and work together.
74. James Petty Glenside, PA
75. Jason Watson AL, AL With great conviction.
76. Edwin Morales Boston, MA NOT ON THE BACK OF THE POOR/NO EN LAS
77. Heidi Turner Maine, ME
78. Khadija Garrison Columbus, OH
79. Andrew Ryskamp Grand Rapids, MI As a person who works on poverty issues internationally, I
urge you to keep your priorities focused on where God's
heart is.
80. Neil Jasperse Grand Rapids, MI, MI
81. Lynne Hybels Barrington, IL
82. Denis Haack Rochester, MN
83. John Boughton South Bend,IN, IN
84. Bonnie Smith Inver Grove Heights,
The current economic climate is impacting those least able
to bear it. We need to be more compassionate and less
greedy and self-centered.
85. Jeffrey Harlow Danville, VA
86. Scot McKnight Libertyville, IL
87. Chris Nelson Colorado Springs, CO As a young man I was fortunate enough to receive some
savings from my grandfatther so that I could attend
college, he sacrificed for the betterment of the next
generation and it is time we do the same.
88. Nancy Stahl Wynnewood, PA I hope this latest generation understands debt and the
disasters it can cause. I worry about the attitude,
"someone will take care of it." WHO?
89. Sam Van Eman Mechanicsburg, PA Thank you for this considerate effort. We all need to take
responsibility for the current state we're in and for the work
required to get out of it.
90. Kevin Jackson Richland, WA I am willing to make sacrifices for the sake of my children.
Name From Comments
91. Edward
Schererville, IN
92. Daniel Carter Hamilton, OH Any solution to our debt crisis must take into account real
sacrifices, cooperation and foresight. Foresight that is
consistently clouded by partisan pandering is only going to
weaken our country's financial and moral footing. I support
addressing cuts to defense and entitlements openly and
93. David Black St. Davids, PA
94. Laurie Truschel Beverly, MA
95. Steve Werthman Hollywood, FL, FL
96. Jacob Meador St. Paul, MN, MN
97. Michael Miller Philadelphia, PA
98. Sylvia Cooper G.R., MI
99. John Joosse Ingersoll, Canada
100. Shannon Geiger Dallas, TX
101. Andrea Hensen Grand Rapids, MI
102. Gerald Frens Elk Grove Village, IL Without compassion in our policy and actions we diminish
our basic humanity.
103. Eric Forsyth Vernon Hills, IL Let us all stop saying we'll make tough decisions and
actually make them for our childrens' sake.
104. Frank Jemison Memphis, TN
105. Dale DeWild Pella, IA We must cut the military and entitlements, not the
bootstraps of the needy.
106. Brenda Walters Cincinnati, OH
107. Rachel Klatt Akron, OH
108. Tala Strauss Wenham, MA As a student, I am aware of the upcoming responsibilities
that will be passed on to me, and am equally concerned
that I am capable of handling them for the sake of raising
and welcoming the next generation to life.
109. Christina
St. John, IN
110. Timothy Stabell Caronport, SK,
I heartily endorse the basic philosophy outlined in this
statement and am willing to continue to make the kinds of
personal sacrifices that will contribute to making it a reality.
111. John McNamara Buffalo, NY
112. Marge Frens Elk Grove, IL
113. Robert Vander
Three Rivers, MI
114. helen laack Rochester, MN
115. Matt Miles Kent, OH
116. Robert Mathison Pensacola, FL I heard this in a sermon: "Go forth into the world and
preach the Gospel to every creature,but... NOT WITH
117. Elouise Renich
Gladwyne, PA
118. Jeremy Huggins St. Louis, MO
119. James Hoover Downers Grove, IL
120. Chuck Wallace Rochester, MN, MN
121. John Thornton Sioux Falls, SD
122. Heather
Owasso, OK
123. Terry Timm Pittsburgh, PA
124. Dirk Hoek Modesto, CA, CA
125. Stephen Joel
Philadelphia, PA
126. David McIlroy London, United
Rochester, NY
128. Abbey Cook Spokane WA, WA
129. Jason Legg Newcastle, Canada
130. John Gibson Lake Jackson, TX
131. James Walter Greenville, IL
132. David Fraser Gladwyne, PA This is an important moment in our political life. We need
responsibility more than partisan struggles, accountability
more than watching the polls, and courage above all else
to do what is right.
133. Clifford Cartwright Cambridge Springs,
134. Galen Tuggy Pasadena, CA Leader's must make tough decisions.
135. Sherry Fraser
Olympia, WA
136. Catherine Crouch Swarthmore, PA
137. Chris Danusiar Illinois, IL
138. Maya Bohnhoff San Jose, CA As a Baha'i I am encouraged to see this sort of effort
undertaken by my Evangelical brothers and sisters. My
scriptures refer to the poor as "the trust of God" and call
upon us as a society to guard the trust of God and for the
diminution of the vast gulf between the rich and poor. This
would be a good step in the right direction. Thank you for
the opportunity to encourage that step.
Page 10 - Signatures 116 - 138
Name From Comments
139. Abraham Wright Winona Lake, IN
Wynnewood, PA
141. Jack Robinson Piqua, OH Remember the Serman on the Mount
142. Ryan Streeter IN, IN
143. Angela Kantola Littleton, CO AND, our policies must care for God's good creation. Lest
we forget, the human economy is a wholly-owned
subsidiary of the natural environment.
144. Douglas Johnson St. Louis Park, MN
145. Kip Schulenberg Milton, FL
146. Pamela Goode Orlando, FL
147. Derk
Modesto, CA Now is the time to deal with the real issues that face our
148. Thomas De Jong Orange City, IA
149. Caroline Kurtz Salem, OR What does God require of us but to love justice and mercy
and walk humbly with him?
150. michael sell modesto, CA It would be a refreshing move to have leaders from the top
down lead by their own example of personal responsibality.
151. Craig Keener Wynnewood, PA A major factor in our current economic crisis was
borrowing what could not be logically repaid. It is
absolutely irrational for the nation to do the same,
especially in light of consequences that are already
152. Scott Sibley King of Prussia, PA
153. Bruce Jackson Chicago, IL
154. Greer Gamble Santa Maria, CA
155. Richard Gaffin Burke, VA
156. Tom Foreman Gainesville, FL
157. chris mcburney navarre, OH
158. Robert Van Wyk Bedford, PA, PA
159. Sara Sisco Grand Rapids, MI This is a thoughtful, balanced call that is just for everyone.
It's time for us all to make hard choices, and follow leaders
who agree to do the same.
160. Sharon Freese Steamboat Rock, IA
161. Kimberly Garza Austin, TX Justice for all, now and in the future. Not only the select
few or to the benefit of now not later.
162. Joseph Mounts Switzer, WV
163. cathy hawk marietta, GA
164. Brian Smith Reading, PA Micah 6:8 (The Message)
8But he's already made it plain how to live, what to do,
what God is looking for in men and women.
It's quite simple: Do what is fair and just to your neighbor,
be compassionate and loyal in your love,
And don't take yourself too seriously—
take God seriously.
165. Karl Westerhof Grand Rapids, MI
166. Brent Barger Canton, OH
167. Tim Pretz Malvern, PA
168. Pam Boland Grovetown, GA
169. C H Canton, OH
170. Lance Walker Robbinsville, NJ
171. Ronald Crock Uniontown, OH
172. Eric Hansmeier Keene, NH Unfortunately, President Obama and both houses of
Congress painted themselves into a fiscal corner when
they allowed the Bush-era tax cuts to continue. I am a
member of the middle class, and I don't like paying taxes
any more than the next person, but it is inconceivable to
me that we would allow ourselves to cut programs that
help the most vulnerable while allowing ourselves to
continue to live beyond our means. The sad fact is that the
debt crisis we are heading toward is caused by the fact
that Americans are undertaxed relative to the demands we
make (and we all make demands) on government. The
way out of our present difficulty is not by mutual
recriminations, for both parties have been equally
irresponsible. We must now all pay our fair share to assure
our childrens' future.
173. Rebecca Warren Edmonton, AB,
174. Laurel Sprenger Centreville, MD
175. Jordan Hogue Fresno, CA I will commit to forever live within my means. I will ask
others to join me in a respectful way in a life that seeks the
wellbeing of all
176. Marsha Mason North Canton, OH
177. Jean Harris Canton, OH, OH As a couple we have no debt and pay no interest. If our
nation did the same it would solve many of our problems.
We also are able to give generously as a result of keeping
our budget balanced. How did we learn this? We joined a
group studying Biblical reasons for and how to pay off your
God has blessed us and enabled us to stay away from
temptation to have more than we need or can afford.
178. Allyson Whitacre indiana, PA
Page 12 - Signatures 164 - 178
Name From Comments
179. Jennifer Carroll Canton, OH
180. Christine
North Canton, OH
181. Scott Waalkes Canton, OH
182. Nick Battilana Canton, OH
183. Nick Lantinga Sioux Center, IA
184. Rebecca
Norristown, PA
185. Jay Fleming Goliad, TX This call to justice is worthy of our strongest support. I fear
the eventual outcome of current trends. We must neither
rob the weakest to allow profligate spending on the
paranoid fears of many, nor continue to push a growing
mountain of debt off on our descendants.
186. Peter Bowersox Norristown, PA
187. Linda Leon Canton, OH
188. Glen Van Andel Kentwood, MI, MI
189. Zach Terrell Falls Church, VA
190. William Kendall Chattanooga, TN
191. Ryan Swanson Villa Park, IL
192. Douglas Lass De Witt, IA
193. Lacey Bowcock Lakemont, GA
194. Michael Fedo Coon Rapids, MN Compassion for the needy and neglected is the hallmark of
a Godly society.
195. David Hynds Chicago, IL
196. Matthew Daniels Memphis, TN Please!!!
197. Lisa Gauthier Rochester, NY
198. Linton Wong Houston, TX
199. Peter Borgdorff Kentwood, MI Standing together for the common good!
200. Jake Terpstra G Rapids, MI
201. Liz VerHage Chicago, IL
202. Paul Burks San Rafael, CA A timely statement from religious leaders to our elected
203. fred karlson ferndale, WA
204. Robert Medley Harrisburg, VA The boomer generation to which I belong must learn now
the hard lesson of "delayed gratification" that many of us
refused to learn growing up. That means curbing our own
appetites and making sacrifices to ensure that others may
live more abundantly.
205. James Rhodes El Centro, CA
206. S Bartlett Dundee, OR
Page 13 - Signatures 179 - 206
Name From Comments
207. elaine brouwer seattle, WA
208. Stephen
Upland, IN, IN Eliminating the U.S. Institute for Peace and ending foreign
assistance to the poorest countries are examples of
penny-wise and pound-foolish cuts. Reduce or end
subsidies and begin to reform the tax code.
209. William Scott Brunswick, MD Don't balance budget on backs of poor and middle class.
Let's join together as Christian stewards not politics.
210. Walter Gulick Billings, MT As is well stated, this issue is not about party politics, but
about the soul of our country. Thanks to all who have
drafted the statement and to all who have signed.
211. David Sherwood Newberg, OR Budgets are moral statements. God's call to express love
and justice requires budgets characterized by honesty,
responsibility, and willingness to sacrifice for the common
good, especially for "the least of these."
212. Gregory Nielsen Mesa, AZ
213. Evvy Campbell Wheaton, IL
214. Lorraine Stuart bend, OR Let's join our hearts & hands to support children and world
over. These young people are the future.
215. Robert Goffinet Kitimat, Canada
216. Paul Hansen Newbury Park, CA
217. Jim Di Raddo Dover, DE
218. Evan Bresee Ulster, PA
219. Graig Flach Lake Oswego, OR
220. Steve Pavey Lexington, KY
221. Bryan Dalzell Bismarck, ND Please remember, "Blessed are the merciful!"
222. Pete Schnebele Bothell, WA
223. Ellen Steffy Manheim, PA
224. Everett Purifoy Corsicana, TX The U.S. is falling below other countries in education and
inferstructure. Please do not balance the budget on the
backs of the poor.
225. Bill Ross Brookings, SD
226. Carrie Strawn Duarte, CA
227. Trina Knox Haslett, MI
228. Carynjo sylvester grand rapids, MI we are seriously hurting out here
229. Donald DeYoung Kalamazoo, MI Controling our economy's deficit is a matter of
responsibility...helping the helpless is redemptive.....
230. Philip Kniss Harrisonburg, VA Thanks for writing and promoting this wise and timely
231. Mark Chan Chicago, IL
232. mayra lopez New York, NY
Page 14 - Signatures 207 - 232
Name From Comments
233. Mary & Tom
Merritt Island, FL Jesus said in Matthew 25:31ff that we will be judged finally
on how we treat the poor. Let's not balance our budgets on
the backs of the poor.
234. Patricia Santiago Harrisonburg, VA
235. Leonard Erb Syracuse, NY
236. virginia forner Allendale, MI
237. Stephen Mott Beverly, MA The agricultural cuts should be corporate and large farms,
not family farms.
238. Sadie Showalter Harrisonburg, VA
239. Karen Bosley Richmond, VA
240. Andrew Vanover Chicago, IL
241. Blythe Scott Woodbridge, VA
242. john sanders medford, OR 2 Corinthians 12:14
Now I am ready to visit you for the third time, and I will not
be a burden to you, because what I want is not your
possessions but you. After all, children should not have to
save up for their parents, but parents for their children.
243. Jeanne Jemison Memphis, TN
244. Phil Olson Mt. Holly, NJ Signing the petition is the easy part; living it out is the
challenging part.
245. Townsend Lynne Rockford, IL
246. Howard Burgoyne Cromwell, CT For the sake of my children's generation and grand
children's generation this needs to happen!
247. Nick Foster Columbia, MO Reducing the deficit and debt must not be accomplished
while abandoning our care for the least able to bear the
consequences. Equal sacrifice must not start with the
poorest among us.
248. Janna
Finksburg, MD I am grateful to be an American but lately I'm not proud. I
would be far more grateful--and even proud--to be part of a
nation that does justice and loves kindness and walks with
some humility. We've incurred huge debt in the last decade
by detouring from such principles, while allowing our
growing sense of "entitlements" to steal from the future of
our country and our children. Time to act.
249. Doug West Greensboro, NC
250. Wayne Warner Battle Creek, MI
251. Ed Wise Red Lion, PA
252. Michelle Tucker Central point, OR
253. Walter Norris Plano, TX
254. kristen wollam independence, OR
255. Glola Basler Mundelein, IL
256. Dan Stringer Mililani, HI
Page 15 - Signatures 233 - 256
Name From Comments
257. David Bucher Fairfax, VA
258. Mitchell Hescox New Freedom, PA
259. Bob Wenz Colorado Springs, CO
260. Richard Burnette Huntsville, AL We are opposed to broad budget cuts that will not only hurt
America's poor but also impoverished communities and
nations around the world.
261. Bruce
Livingston, TX
262. Jodie King Media, PA
263. Jennyt Jiang Rancho Cordova, CA
264. H. Berrien Zettler Columbus, GA How long must we pursue a balanced budget (or pretend
to do so) on the backs of the poor and disadvantaged? To
do so is profoundly immoral!
265. Luminitza Nichols Douglassville, PA
266. Mary Mazzoni Douglassville, PA Jesus has taught us to feed those who are hungry, shelter
those who are homeless, that what we do unto others we
do unto Him. What does the Lord ask of us but to love
mercy, do justice and live humbly with our God? If our
society ignores the needs of our most vulnerable, our basic
moral fiber will be torn asunder. For what then will we
267. Donna Godfrey Franklin, GA I am sending this because it comes from my heart.
268. Debby Schnitzer North Tonawanda,
269. Rita Read Mountlake Terrace,
270. Glen Kauffman Harrisonburg, VA It doesn't mean that it will be without pain but it can be
done. Nothing worthwhile is easy.
271. Weltha McGraw Fort Collins, CO
272. Ron Mitchell New Rochelle, NY James 2:14-17
273. catherine brush edinburg, TX
274. Scott Bronner Lancaster, PA We must not lose our compassion as a nation, as it will not
only cost us our soul but in the end cost more economically
due to its future impact. Now is the time for foresight, not
more shortsighted greed for the moment.
275. Virginia Douglas Elyria, OH
276. Joyce Zaagman Ada, MI We can do this!
277. Gwen Howard Port townsend, WA
278. Stephen Evans Woodway, TX
279. Paula Munzing Orange, CA
280. Frank Colangelo Buffalo, NY
281. Michael LaTorre Parker, CO
Page 16 - Signatures 257 - 281
Name From Comments
282. George Homanich Binghamton, NY
283. Jeffrey Lundberg Minneapolis, MN
284. Michael
Bakersfield, CA We need not a big government or small government but a
government that is effective and efficient. Instead of cutting
the meat, bone, and muscle like job training, health care,
and services for children who live in poverty we need to
find and cut fat like duplicate services, coporate welfare,
and defense spending. Common sense must be developed
and used instead of being more concern with being right
and refusing to work together.
285. John Jackson Elizabethton, TN
286. Klaus Berke Brookfield, WI
287. Ivan Chung Long Beach, CA
288. Sam Harrell Nairobi, Kenya
289. Wes Willison Beijing, China
290. Michael Murphy Newark, CA
291. Katie Gard Fergus Falls, MN
292. Peter Lundberg Hemet, CA
293. Howard Moffat Gaborone, Botswana
294. Cathy Bowman Harrisonburg, VA
295. Andrew Bennett North Haledon, NJ
296. Carolyn Sheppard Whitman, MA I work with people every day who work hard and yet
struggle to pay rent and feed their families. It is not right to
deny them access to basic care just because they happen
to be poor. We are supposed to care for "the least of
these" and this is an opportunity to show that as a nation
we will.
297. Paul Jeffries Ripon, WI
298. Adam Forry Manheim, PA
299. David Wilmoth Bay City, MI Include a review all military spending for reductions.
300. Martha Brubaker dayton, VA
301. STEVE KLEIN Montreal, Canada
302. Timothy King Indianapolis, IN
303. Eric Anspaugh Rocky Mount, VA Please put aside the political ideologies and agree that
caring for our neighbor is beyond partisan politics.
304. Rich Schelp Due West, SC
305. Ed Burns Perryville, KY
306. Leo DeBlois Hamilton, MA
307. Richard Israel Cleveland Heights,
308. Stephanie Pollock St. Louis, MO
Page 17 - Signatures 282 - 308
Name From Comments
309. Polly Brickel East Aurora, NY
310. kelvin parker toledo, OH
311. Gordon Buys GRand Rapids, MI The word sacrifice and sacrificial appears a number of
times in this declaration. I agree and urge that others
consider living sacrificially for the benefit of the worlds
under-resourced including our own children and grand
children whose most significant - and overwhelming -
inheritance is the astronomical debt we are leaving them!
312. Ernest Kreutzer Antananarivo,
The Garden of Eden is at our reach but it is through Jesus
Christ .
313. Elizabeth
East Windsor, NJ Please do not cut services to the poor and the vulnerable.
harleysville, PA
315. Michael Rhodes Memphis, TN Let's solve our debt problem without cutting effective
programs for the poor either in the U.S. or around the
world. We didn't create the debt crisis by helping African
children get bed nets, or through providing unemployment
316. Clayton Steiner Dalton, OH
317. Linda Busklein Frosta, Norway I am an American citizen with 2 American kids, even
though my address is Norwegian.
318. Brian Oswald orland park, IL
319. Mei Kee Wong Boston, MA
320. Paul Baynard Westampton, NJ
321. Deborah Weaver Albuquerque, NM
322. Christa Clumpner Chicago, IL
323. Cynthia Groff Philadelphia, PA
324. Mark Lau Branson Pasadena, CA
325. Paul Nisly Grantham, PA Our defense budget is bloated beyond all reason and must
be curbed if we are to make serious progress toward fiscal
sanity. Thank you for your consideration.
326. Russell Mask Flintstone, GA All of us will need to sacrifice, including asking the Lord to
help us change our ideas of the "good life" or "American
Dream" away from consumption at all costs towards one of
responsible well-being that cares about future generations,
poor and oppressed people we have today, and
stewarding the Lord's creation.
327. Thomas
Grand Rapids, MI
328. Walter McRae Glen Allen, VA
329. Mary Nelson Chicagp, IL Smart, fair changes for us seniors (like increasing age for
Social Security, modifying Medicare eligibility, etc.
Page 18 - Signatures 309 - 329
Name From Comments
330. Robertoluis Lugo Philadelphia, PA
331. Kekapa Lee Honolulu, HI
332. Ross Bacon LaGrange, IL I would like our Country to be finacially responsible just as
our Country asks of me. May their words and deeds be
333. Timothy Neufeld Fresno, CA Foreign aid to impoverished nations is only 1% of the
annual budget, please do not cut in this area. Education is
another area that must not be compromised.
334. Greg Fletcher Arcadia, CA
335. Tom Cotter Clovis, CA
336. Bennett Judkins Cleveland, TN
337. Rodney Martin Lititz, PA
338. Joan Fumetti Dubuque, IA
339. Jonathan
Summerville, SC Just posted commentary at
We have a major gap in funding that needs to be made up
somehow; let’s put every option on the table–program cuts
and tax cut repeals alike– and, after weighing in practical,
non-inflammatory terms what the human impact of each
budget fix would be, take steps that spread the pain as
equitably as possible. The time for political name-calling
and juvenile partisanship has passed. The time for
responsible citizenship has come.
340. Charles Comfort Mt. Pleasant, IA
341. Dirk Spalding Philadelphia, PA
342. Rich Jones Cincinnati, OH
343. Andrew Haile Greensboro, NC We spend more on our military than the next 15 countries
combined. While hard cuts must be made, they must not
be made on the backs of the poor!
344. Rene Haile Greensboro, NC May more people consider this a moral issue
345. Blaine Detwiler Susquehanna, PA
346. Stephen Dickson Philadelphia, PA
347. Stan Kauffman Pellston, MI
348. LeVon Smoker Harrisonburg, VA
349. Stephen Lepse Chicago, IL
350. LaVera Parato Havelock, NC The "use it or lose it" with budgeting needs to go. It creates
tremendous waste.
351. Rebecca Brees Louisville, KY I hear questions from kids everyday why is everyone
talking about money? why can't my mom/family get food or
medical care? What do we say to this when the country we
live spends most of it's money on things that can cause
destruction? When will cuts come to the defense and
military budgets to appease debt at home?
Page 19 - Signatures 330 - 351
Name From Comments
352. Moses Beachy Goshen, IN
353. Margaret Rose St. Joseph, MI Please don't let "those who have the least" suffer the most!
354. Kyle Kelley Shreveport, LA Christians must stand up for the poor.
355. Scott Bryant Upper Darby, PA
356. Tim Veeck Fort Mill, SC Wise stewardship that extends compassion and
empowerment to the poor and marginalized while
sacrificing for the common good is our request.
357. Jeremy Cosand Whittier, CA
358. Dana Hojsack San Francisco, CA
359. Monte Sahlin Springboro, OH This is a matter of justice that goes to the core of the
American character. The refusal to end the tax cuts while
cutting so many services that are necessary to the poor is
simply immoral.
360. Robert Otte Wyoming, MI
361. Gordon Garrett Xenia, OH
362. Erica Bauer Chicago, IL This country is in trouble. Quit catering to the elite at the
expense of the oppressed.
363. Cliff Benzel Denver, CO Cutting the expenditures is crucial but let's be sure the
wealthy pay their share. So far only the poor and lower
economic classes are bearing the burden with layoffs, days
off, etc. The transfer of wealth to the rich has been
massive. Need to change that.
364. Diane H Fabian Fort Atkinson, WI The poor have already had to sacrifice too much over the
past 30 years. The budget loses billions of dollars via
massive corp tax cuts, which are used to cover the costs of
exporting US jobs. Stop it. Stop "endless" wars that have
no purpose, no goal. Rebuild the US from the bottom up,
or the country will collapse.
365. Shirley Dehart Pauls Valley, OK
366. Luke Richards Pocono Lake, PA
367. John and Louise
Pella, Iowa, IA
368. Jerry Stromberg Chicago, IL
369. Chris Moore Oklahoma City, OK
370. Andrew Draper Brooklyn, NY It is absurd and saddening to see how little consensus
conservatives and liberals are able to acknowledge on this
issue. I hope this example of a transpartisan voice will
371. Eric Ohlmann Geneva, IL Please do not loose sight of the fact that the budget is a
moral issue.
372. joyce stoner Fredericksburg, PA In a few years I could collect collect SS, but I am in favor of
extending the age of being able to collect this benefit.
Page 20 - Signatures 352 - 372
Name From Comments
373. Mark Cerbone Buffalo, NY I'm very much in agreement with the sentiments of this
"call". I am neither a "conservative" exclusively nor a
"liberal" exclusively. I believe that both perspectives have
valid points to make. In a similar vein, I believe that fiscal
responsibility and providing care and protection for the
most vulnerable members of our society can go
hand-in-hand. A healthy society is prudent (and not
spendthrift) when it comes to financial matters while
remaining committed to safeguarding and protecting those
who are weaker, older, handicapped in some fashion or
otherwise vulnerable.
374. Craig
Brooklyn, NY
375. Bill Moore DeKalb, IL A good call for protecting the vulnerable and sharing the
responsibility in meeting a serious issue, hope you can
grow into appreciating the need of taxing the overgreedy
who are profiting from our shared sacrifices.
376. John Hannah Denver, CO
377. Monica Green NIagara Falls, NY
378. Tanya
Canton, OH
379. Sarah Eisele Hamden, CT We need to make cuts, but make smart cuts. Don't cut
programs that work and that will benefit our country in the
long-run, like education and services to keep children
healthy. Protect our children, not millionaires.
380. Bob & Melba P Silver Spring, MD
381. Norman Steen Washington, DC
382. deborah borst grand rapids, MI
383. Betty Israel Alexandria, VA
384. Rae Stephenson Bothell, WA
385. Marthea Daling
Grand Rapids, MI
386. Lucas Teater Washington, DC
387. Stephen Wilburn Malvern, PA As a conservative who believes in limited government and
fiscal responsibility, I applaud this effort to both tackle the
problems of our mounting national debt while retaining the
funding for programs and initiatives that are saving lives
around the world.
388. David Larsen Palos Heights, IL
389. Michael Wallens Austin, TX
390. Jeanne Sorg Ambler, PA Education is not an expense, it is an investment that reaps
much more than military spending does. If our children are
not educated, they will not be able to support our seniors
390. Jeanne Sorg Ambler, PA (continued from previous page)
on social security and medicare. Caring for the children
now will care for seniors now and in the future.
391. Susan Minno Newtown, PA How can we continue to fund violence around the world at
the expense of the most vulnerable in our own country?
Isn't the government's role to advocate for and protect the
voiceless? If politicians refuse to act out of compassion,
then at least consider how an unchecked and widening
gap between rich and poor has historically impacted the
health, economy and stability of nations throughout history.
Why should we be any different?
392. Daniel Brindley Fairfax, VA
393. Matteah Reppart Grand Rapids, MI Please read!! I am greatly concerned about the budget
cuts for programs that assist the poor and marginalized,
and negatively impact health and education.
394. Douglas Tiffany West Des Moines, IA
395. Charles Scalise Shoreline, WA As American government turns away from compassion,
disillusioned young people will come to despise
396. David Michaux Philadelphia, PA
397. barbara belding newtown, PA
398. Kenneth Verhulst Grand Rapids, MI
399. O'Dell Merryman Pittsburgh, PA
400. John Truschel Beverly, MA
401. Donald Opitz Beaver Falls, PA
402. Joseph Carson Knoxville, TN
403. Doug Treff Lawrence, KS
404. Aaron Benscoter Marshalltown, IA
405. Michael
Grand Rapids, MI
406. Kerri Lowrey Germantown, MD
407. Deborah
Springfield, TN
408. penny watkins spokane, WA We must reform our personal and national spending--but
we must not put the burden of reforms on the backs of
disadvantaged and poor americans. Many state and local
governments are balancing their budgets by cutting
healthcare spending for the poor, education, mental health
services, social programs for the poor and vital services,
like police and fire protection. These are essential services
and should be protected from excessive budget cuts.
Priority should be given to decreasing other spending and
increasing funding.
Page 22 - Signatures 390 - 408
Name From Comments
409. Patrece Meza Nampa, ID let's encourage the movement of solving issues with all of
us contributing.
410. Bob Caviness Winston-Salem, NC All of us must sacrifice but the wealthy have special
411. Richard Cox Pittsburgh, PA
412. David O. Moberg Milwaukee, WI
413. Randy Gabrielse Grand Rapids, MI
414. Thomas Niehof Ames, IA The growing gap in this country between the rich and the
struggling is undermining our morality, our economy and
our future. We must address this.
415. Jonathan Daniel
Kansas City, MO We must sacrifice first our entitlement mentality as a
culture and sacrifice for the sake our children and
grandchildren and then make responsible decisions fiscally
or we guarantee the destruction of our constitutional
system in the end.
416. Robbin Moede Oquawka, IL
417. Steve Moede Oquawka, IL
418. David Houseman Grand Ledge, MI
419. Dennis R. M.
Gastonia, NC
420. Janna Moats Portland, OR I
421. michael kemp Oshkosh, WI
422. Ellis Miller Apple Creek, OH
423. Bruce Stambaugh Millersburg, OH I agree that we need to maintain no less than current levels
of funding for the poor and hungry and cut military
spending, and raise taxes on those with higher incomes.
424. Ed Taylor Kidron, OH Living on ever higher levels of debt is unsustainable and
irresponsible. The expanding of our money supply is
devaluing its buying power which amounts to a tax on
everyone. We will end up like every country in history that
has lived on extreme debt, Bankrupt! Cut spending now!
Everyone is going to have to work harder for less. But that
is better than the consequences of Insolvency.
425. Wesley Womack Jackson, WY
426. Jeanette King Louisville, OH The rich and poor must work together for the common
good of us all
427. Jane Dennery Chalfont, PA
428. Crystal Baylor Philadelphia, PA
429. Maynard Miller Millersburg, OH
430. Wendy Bilgen Ankara, Turkey As an American living abroad I see the impact globally of
policies that perpetuate conflict and injustice. I
wholeheartedly support the ideals contained in the Call for
Intergenerational Justice
Page 23 - Signatures 409 - 430
Name From Comments
431. Stefanie Israel Wynnewood, PA Nehemiah 5:1-13
432. Matt Seadore Turlock, CA Let us not penalize the poor for being poor. Let us be
known both for compassion and fiscal stewardship.
433. Steven Tracy Phoenix, AZ
434. Dennis
Wichita, KS
435. Kimberly
Berkeley, CA
436. Karl Thomas Pittsburgh, PA This is essential for the long-term health of our nation. We
must live within our means. This is fundamental and
undeniable. Please have the moral courage to do this in
such a way as to protect the modern day 'widows and
orphans' who are the most vulnerable in our pluralistic,
diverse society.
437. Bryan Kane Eugene, OR
438. James Norton Goshen, IN Let us all heed the call to act justly, love mercy and walk
humbly with our God
439. Jackie Heide Mississauga, Canada
440. Wanda Parks Baltimore, MD
441. S. Zeiset West Chester, PA
442. Kristen Mapstone Tampa, FL
443. David Breeden Bloomington, MN
444. Miles Yoder Lancaster, PA
445. Scott Todd Belmont Hills, PA
446. John Manahan San Antoniio, TX
447. Richard
Patterson, Jr.
Mechanicville, NY At 62, I face retirement and the prospect of rising health
care costs but I'm willing to join in sacrificing so that those
less blessed--and my children--can benefit. I wholly
endorse this petition.
448. Tim Medhurst Fonthill, Canada
449. Richard Fehr Anthem, AZ
450. Rhona Wuth normandy park, WA
451. Marleen Geiger Lancaster, PA
452. Rob Roy
Philadelphia, PA
453. Yvonne Platts Norristown, PA
454. Victor Barantota Bujumbura, Burundi Good moment of praying together with others.
455. Ron Coleman Boise, ID
456. Shawn O'Neill Pompano Beach, FL
457. Terina Hill Bensalem, PA
Page 24 - Signatures 431 - 457
Name From Comments
458. Kristine HIckle Tempe, AZ
459. Alan Wright Columbia, MO
460. Octavia Cooper Chicago, IL I am a single parent who relies on the Pell Grant for my
continuing education. After I receive my degree in Nursing
in 2012, I plan on using my skills to serve as a missionary
and help care givers in poor countries administer aid where
it is needed. Without funding, this is impossible.
461. Doug and Jan
Dolores, CO
462. Bryan Burton Seattle, WA We are living in very dangerous times which demand a
faithful witness by God's people, while recognizing always
"Christus Victor"
463. Genikwa R.
Willingboro, NJ Learning more every day just how important it is that we be
good stewards of what God has given us. Please support
this effort. It IS God's will.
464. Julie Weatherford Riverside, CA
465. Anne Manning Miami, FL
466. Sondria Miller Mount Pocono, PA
467. Robert Morrison Lincoln City, OR Daily, I see effects of the out-of-control economic dangers
in which we are right now. Scholl in my county are not in
today - because the budget won't sustain going back after
Spring Break until tomorrow; a very good friend is having
to choose which medications to buy, out of several
prescribed for her by her health care provider; others
continue to struggle with decisions over which bill to pay
and which to let slide for (another) month.
468. K Kragen Bainbridge Island,
As a caregiver for an elderly parent, I understand how we
must sacrifice, both as individuals and as a nation,
"privilege" and "entitlement" for our low-income and
economically marginal citizenry.
469. Kathleen
riverside, CA
470. Mary Camp Portland, OR
471. kimberly vossler Copake, NY
472. Richard Wigton Mechanicsburg, PA
473. Kurt Finsterbusch Brookeville, MD Please do not cut benefits for the poor. Jesus says that
they should be one of our major concerns.
474. Gary
Salem, OR
475. David Metzger Indianapolis,, IN In Proverbs 31:8-9 we are asked a timely question: who
will speak for those who have no voice? Yes, Jim is right
budgets are moral documents, lets let the nation know...
Shalom...David Metzger
476. LeRoy Mast Goshen, IN
Page 25 - Signatures 458 - 476
Name From Comments
477. Jim Graham Tacoma, WA
478. Amy Obrist Los ANgeles, CA
479. Sylvia Atkins Fair Oaks, CA The geographic coordinates of our birth do not make us
more worthy of life, mercy, or rights than those of anyone
480. Michelle Kirtley Arlington, VA
481. Bob Doliber Des Plaines, IL
482. David Akers Vancouver, WA We must solve the debt problem- but not on the backs of
the poor.
483. John
West Hartford, CT
484. Gilbert Bond New Haven, CT To my Congressional Representatives: As a Christian, I
ask that you not allow the burdens of our country's debt to
fall unfairly upon the poor, but that you provide leadership
that will help our citizens find a way to live conservatively,
with fairness, and a commitment to alleviate the suffering
of Americans who are most vulnerable. In Christ, Dr. Bond
485. Glen Stassen Pasadena, CA We must cut military spending and redress the balance
between worker income and very wealthy income. Greed is
causing this Great Recession.
486. Katie Burmeister Lansing, MI Don't turn a blind eye to the needs of the poor nor to the
direction this nation is headed if our debt continues to
487. Mark Burnham Asheville, NC
488. Richard Rienstra Grqand Rapids, MI Remember those in prison
489. Jean Are Jasper, GA
490. Joel Grace Big Flats, NY Pray that politicians will find the courage to act on behalf of
the public good rather than the self-interests of their most
generous donors.
491. Rachael
Detroit, MI
492. Tyler Watson Pleasant Hill, CA
493. Michael Saltarelli Tonawanda, NY Work for peace. Stop using violence to solve the world's
problems and reduce military expenditure.
494. Debbie
Chicago, IL
495. Catherine Bass Chattanooga, TN Please provide true leadership. Make hard decisions. Don't
stick to the party line. Think of what's best for all our
people. Speak for those who can't speak for themselves.
496. Kenneth Trauger Lancaster, PA
497. Stephen Hislop Lochbuie, CO Time to de-politicize "business as usual" shenanigans on
The Hill ans elsewhere. W.W.J.D.
498. Danielle Black Elkhart, IN
Page 26 - Signatures 477 - 498
499. Kevin Anderson Portland, OR
500. Marc Averill Lancaster, PA
501. Steve Sharp Seymour, TN
502. Daniel Hooley Canton, OH
503. Derek Bloom ABQ, NM
504. Carol Kuniholm Exton, PA Protect people, not corporations. Cut corporate
entitlements, not aid to the poor.
505. Shelley Brown Butler, PA Let's not forget the common good. Perhaps we do have
many rights by law, but we must be willing to give up some
portions of those rights to serve others. I'm willing to do
that, as outlined by this call.
506. Mark A Davies Lynden, WA, WA
507. Fred Geyer Columbia City, IN
508. Michael Toth Akron, OH
509. David Kennedy Lumberton, NJ
510. Charles Redfern Hebron, CT We should view our debt crisis in the context of our faith
and values: Do we have faith in our money and value only
ourselves? Or do we have faith in God and value our
Lord's call, his creation, and his community?
511. Terry Campbell Bloomington, IN Finally, a balanced view that does not rely on conservative
talk show 'wisdom' !!!!
512. Sally Watkins Woodbine, IA
513. Susi Hukari Springfield, OR
514. Pamela Gardner Audubon, PA A livable wage, Healthcare & medicine for all who need it,
affordable housing including electrical or gas power.
Healthy Food for all
515. Deborah Alexander, PA
516. Marthea Daling Jager
517. B Kruis
518. Erica Bauer
519. Ronald D Colema
520. Samuel J. Ross
521. Jared Nissley
522. Ferrell Foster
523. Steven Lozada
524. Anthony Nelson Ruble
525. John Manahan
526. Rev. Gene Beerens
527. Jeff Bergeson
528. Miriam Mercado, Chicago IL
529. Rev. Dean Van Farowe, Cleveland OH
530. Bob Andringa, Phoenix AZ
531. Bret Kincaid
532. Ed Landis
533. Leo DeBlois
534. Steve Gray
535. Eric Ohlmann
536. Adam Robertson
537. Gary Schwerin
538. Sharon Redinger
539. Deane Andersonq
540. Jacqueline Hall
541. Beth Kilpatrick
542. Barney Schroeder
543. Scott Bessenecker
544. Michael Rosengren
545. Ronald Scott Weatheirll, Ontario CA
546. Robert Doede
547. Tom Combes 
548. Jerome M. Van Kirk
549. Timothy A. Powers
550. Lori Ray 
551. Pauline E Doty 
552. John Haile 
553. Larry Asplund 
554. Jean E Graham 
555. Susan Haile 
556. Kurt Finsterbusch 
557. Brian and Beth Stipp 
558. Joshua McCracken 
559. wayne kratzer 
560. Waldo Wood 
561. Charles Fox 
562. Rob Roy MacGregor,  
563. Jeffrey Cook 
564. Bob Hively 
565. Janet Stoner 
566. Howard Moffat 
567. David Hartsough 
568. Curtyis Book
569. Larry Van Essen 
570. Bob & Melba Piersma 
571. Reve. Dennis R. M. Teall-Fleming 
572. Donna Oliva 
573. Randall L. Frame 
574. Gloria Thoburn 
575. Susan Bower 
576. Melannie L. Jenkins 
577. Sandra A. Jenkins 
578. Dinah T. Farrington 
579. Weltha Mcgraw 
580. Everetrt Doyle Purifoy 
581. James H. Moore 
582. Janis Plostnieks 
583. Ivan Chung 
584. Susan Smetzer-Anderson 
585. Clayton Steiner 
586. linda pierce 
587. Ruth Padilla DeBorst 
588. DHFabian 
589. LeRoy Mast 
590. Michael Westmoreland-White 
591. Walter Norris 
592. Steven Garrett 
593. Andrew Vanover 
594. Klaus D. Berke 
595. rachael sanowski 
596. Jennifer schaefer 
597. Tom Cummings 
598. Mary Cummings 
599. William Krispin 
600. Jacalynn Stuckey Welling 
601. David L. Smith MD 
602. Marybet 
603. Ruth Lindberg 
604. David L. Smith MD 
605. Rev. Dean Van Farowe 
606. Justin Watkins 
607. Rev. Paulina K. Dennis 
608. Jake Terpstra 
609. Betsy Lozar 
610. Sylvia Atkins 
611. Sondria Miller 
612. Constance M. Gruen
613. Frances Homer 
614. Michael Wallens 
615. James Owsley 
616. Jason Shingledecker 
617. John Fohner 
618. Lorri Bond 
619. Jay Howard 
620. Eric Hilker 
621. Michael Toth 
622. mark hannan
627. John Haile

628 Mr. Greg Gardner

629 Mr. Doug Lass

630 Dr. Leonard Erb

631 Mr. Daniel P. Whitney

632 Ms. Virginia Ramos

633 Mr. Jonathan Hughes

634 Ms. Pattye Hubbard

635 Mr. Jeff VanDerWerff

636 Ms. Latrilla Boyd

637 Ms. Ernestine Aberle

638 Dr. W. Anthony Gerard

639 Ms. Bonnie Nicholas

640 Mr. John R. Huff Jr.

641 Ms. Rita Marie Kearney Read

642 Mr. Gregory C. Nielsen

643 Ms. Deanna M. Stokes

644 Mr. Richard L. Dixon

645 Ms. Julia Smucker

646 Mr. Curtis Inoue

647 Mr. Steve Roe

648 Ms. Darcie Laack

649 Ms. Margaret Spencer

650 Mr. Robert Purcell Jr.

651 Mr. Joseph Carson

652 Mr. Ike Reeser

653 Mr. Carson Foushee

654 Mr. Ken Burkholder

655 Mr. James Owsley

656 Mr. Ryan Beachy

657 Mr. John Hildner

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