Intergenerational Justice

Update we have released the Concrete Proposal for Intergenerational Justice today at 3pm!

Sign the petition to answer this call!

A Call for Intergenerational Justice

On a national (telephone) press conference on March 3rd, ESA launched a national movement to demand that Washington end our ongoing budget deficits –and do it in a way that helps, not hurts poor people both at home and abroad. We need a biblically grounded movement in which grandparents, grandchildren and everyone in between join hands to promote a just solution to our debt crisis. We invite you to join Tony Campolo, Soong-Chan Rah, Richard Cizik, Shane Claiborne, Louis Cortes, Michael Gerson, Richard Foster, Joel Hunter, Richard Mouw, Shirley Mullen, David Neff, Dean Trulear, Jim Wallis and many others.
Read the full petition


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