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#627 Signers! Thank you to all that have stepped up to Answer the Call to Intergenerational Justice. Have you signed? Please add your name to this petition Advertisements

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Please read!! I am greatly concerned about the budget cuts for programs that assist the poor and marginalized, and negatively impact health and education.” -Matteah Reppart, MI “As American government turns away from compassion, disillusioned young people will come to despise government.” -Charles Scalise, WA “Education is not an expense, it is an investment that reaps much … Continue reading

The Response

I applaud the “Call for Intergenerational Justice” and congratulate those who have developed it and signed it. Because there were two items that run contrary to positions I have taken publicly, I felt that I myself could not sign it. However, I agree with the intent and purpose of the statement. It is just the … Continue reading

A Call for Intergenerational Justice

A Call for Intergenerational Justice On a national (telephone) press conference on March 3rd, ESA launched a national movement to demand that Washington end our ongoing budget deficits –and do it in a way that helps, not hurts poor people both at home and abroad.  We need a biblically grounded movement in which grandparents, grandchildren … Continue reading