Answer the Call for Intergenerational Justice

Sponsored by Evangelicals for Social Action and Center for Public Justice.

Moved by the seriousness of the debt crisis and the biblical summons to Intergenerational Justice, we pledge to join a trans-partisan, intergenerational movement of citizens that insists that government exercise both fiscal frugality and compassionate action for the sake of the long-term sustainability of our political economy and 

for an economy of care. All must sacrifice time, wealth, entitlements for the common good. To the young, we say: It is your credit card that will receive the additional trillions of dollars of debt unless we quickly end

 ongoing federal budget deficits. To parents and grandparents, we say:

We must give up some things so our children can flourish.

All of us now say: We join together to answer the call to intergenerational justice. 

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Read the Call for Intergenerational Justice

14 Responses to “Answer the Call for Intergenerational Justice”
  1. Bob Andringa says:

    I agree that any budget reflects the basic values and priorities of the creators of it. The list of Answer the Call is very close to my values and priorities and so I enthusiastically commend it to others who say “it is time!” to take this deficit spending very, very seriously and do so in thoughtful and strategic ways that reflect the best of America. That they are consistent with biblical precepts is not surprising. Thanks to leaders who speak the truth with love.

  2. Mark Carbone, NY says:

    “I’m very much in agreement with the sentiments of this “call”. I am neither a “conservative” exclusively nor a “liberal” exclusively. I believe that both perspectives have valid points to make. In a similar vein, I believe that fiscal responsibility and providing care and protection for the most vulnerable members of our society can go hand-in-hand. A healthy society is prudent (and not spendthrift) when it comes to financial matters while remaining committed to safeguarding and protecting those who are weaker, older, handicapped in some fashion or otherwise vulnerable.”

  3. Stephen Wilburn, PA says:

    “As a conservative who believes in limited government and fiscal responsibility, I applaud this effort to both tackle the problems of our mounting national debt while retaining the funding for programs and initiatives that are saving lives around the world.

  4. Jeanne Sorg, PA says:

    “Education is not an expense, it is an investment that reaps much more than military spending does. If our children are not educated, they will not be able to support our seniors on social security and medicare. Caring for the children now will care for seniors now and in the future.”

  5. Charles says:

    “As American government turns away from compassion, disillusioned young people will come to despise government.”

  6. -Matteah Reppart, MI says:

    Please read!! I am greatly concerned about the budget cuts for programs that assist the poor and marginalized, and negatively impact health and education.”

  7. Sondria Miller says:

    Biblical stewardship mandate!

  8. DHFabian says:

    It’s in America’s best interests to start helping, rather than scapegoating, our children and families in poverty.

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